Part of speech: verb
Verb type: weak verb (3)
to quake; to tremble
[← in- pref + reiran v "to tremble"]
inreirada - 3 pers, sing, pres, indicat - Matth. XXVII, 51

4.2.3. 3rd class weak verbs (verbs with -ai- form-building suffix)

Weak verbs of this class had form-building suffix -ai-. In its full form the said suffix appeared only in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th versions of its stem, while in the verbal forms built based on present-tense stem, it was replaced by plain -a-.

III class infinitive preterite singular preterite plural past participle
to have; to possess haban habaida habaidēdum habaiþs
to like (ga)leikan (ga)leikaida (ga)leikaidēdum galeikaiþs

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