Part of speech: adjective
Stem: -a-
1. wk right; 2. gram mean of a n, fem -ō- 1) the right hand; 2) the right side
[← Prot-Germ *tehswan; OHG zeso "right", zesawa "the right hand" ← Indo-Europ *deks-; Sanskr dákṣiṇa- "right; skillful"; Avest dašinō "right"; Anc Gr δεξιός "right; fortunate, clever"; Lat dexter "right; skillful"; O Ir dess "right"; Lith dẽšinas "right"; O Slav деснъ "right" (cf Russ десница "the right hand"]
taihswai - Dat, sing - Mrk. XVI, 5; Coloss. III, 1
taihswo - Nom, Acc, sing, neut; Nom decl, sing, fem - Matth. V, 29; V, 30; VI, 3; Mrk. XIV, 47; Luk. VI, 6; Jhn. XVIII, 10
taihswon - Dat, sing, fem; Acc, sing, fem - Matth. V, 39; Mrk. X, 37; X, 40; XII, 36; XIV, 62; XV, 27; XVI, 19; Luk. I, 11; XX, 42; Rom. VIII, 34; Ephes. I, 20
taihswona - Acc, pl, neut - Cor. II, VI, 7
taihswons - Acc, pl, fem - Galat. II, 9

2.1. (a)

strong declension of adjectives -a- (-o-)* stem
singular number
masculine gender neuter gender feminine gender
nominative blinds blind, blindata blinda
genitive blindis blindis blindaizōs
dative blindamma blindamma blindai
accusative blindana blind, blindata blinda
plural number
masculine gender neuter gender feminine gender
nominative blindai blinda blindōs
genitive blindaizē blindaizē blindaizō
dative blindaim blindaim blindaim
accusative blindans blinda blindōs

* By the -o- stem versions we mean fem forms of the same type of adjectives.