Part of speech: noun
Gender: feminine
Stem: -ō-
[← Prot-Germ *haljō; OE hell (Mod E hell); O Fris helle, hille; O Sax hell, hellia; Dt hel; OHG hella (Mod G Hölle); Icel hel "nether world, abode of the dead" (also Hel in Scand mythology the name of Loki's daughter who rules over the evil dead in Niflheim, the lowest of all worlds)
halja - Acc, Voc, sing - Matth. XI, 23; Luk. X, 15; Cor. I, XV, 55
haljai - Dat, sing - Luk. XVI, 23

1.1.2. (a)

nouns, -ō- stem, feminine gender
singular plural
nominative giba gibōs
genitive gibōs gibō
dative gibai gibōm
accusative giba gibōs

The declension of several nouns ending in -wa (frijaþwa (love); triggwa (faithfulness; covenant); bandwa (sign); fijaþwa (hatred, enmity); ubizwa (porch, portico); wulwa (robbery)) is identical to that of [-o-] stem nouns. These nouns are sometimes sub-categorized as the [-wo-] stem subtype of the [-o-] stem declension of Gothic nouns.