Part of speech: adverb, preposition
(Dat) before; in front of
[← Prot-Germ *fura(i); OE fore (Mod E fore obs); O Fris fora, fore; O Sax fora; Dt voor; OHG fora ← Indo-Europ *pro-, *pre-, *pṛ-; Sanskr purá- “before; earlier”; Avest parā “in front of; before; previously”; Anc Gr παρα “near; beside”; O Ir air, ar “before; in front of”]
faura - Matth. VI, 2; VII, 15; XI, 10; XXVI, 70; XXVII, 11; Mrk. I, 2; II, 4; II, 12; V, 21; XII, 38 etc