Part of speech: adverb, preposition
(Acc) 1. before; 2. for; 3. with; in front of
[← Prot-Germ *fura, *furi; OE for (Mod E for); O Fris for; O Sax for; Dt voor; OHG fora, furi (Mod G für); O Icel for- prefIndo-Europ *pro-, *pre-, *pṛ-; Lat por- pref “before, in front; for”; Anc Gr παρ adv “beside, by; near”]
faur - Matth. VIII, 29; XXVI, 75; Mrk. I, 16; II, 13; IV, 4; VIII, 6; IX, 40; X, 45; X, 46; XIV, 68 etc