Part of speech: preposition
(Dat) of; from; out of; away from; off
[← Prot-Germ *aba; cf OE of (Mod E of, off); O Fris of, af; O Sax af; Dt af adv; OHG ab, aba (Mod G ab); Icel af ← Indo-Europ *apo-; ápa “from”; Avest apa “away from; from”; Anc Gr ἀπό “from”; Lat ab “from”]
af - Matth. V, 18; V, 29; V, 30; V, 42; VI, 13; VII, 16; VIII, 1; IX, 15 etc abu = af + -u (vid -u part) - Jhn. XVIII, 34